JSS Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 2 May 2015

President’s Message

By David Ikeda The older I get it seems that time goes by increasingly faster and faster. Indeed, time is moving so fast that the topics I am writing about for this message that will be occurring in the future for me now will have already passed before the article is published. At the time […]

Social Work and I

By Jean Peasah, Former JSS Counsellor Being born in the 1930s, I find that what most people would regard as history, remain very current and active in my mind. When the media, for example, comments that it is now 70 years since the end of the Second World War, my initial reaction is to be […]

Impact of Domestic Violence (DV) on Children

By Junko Mifune, JSS Counsellor To follow up on my previous article, I would like to write about the impact of DV on children. As noted in my previous article, in homes where DV occurs, the victim is a mother, the abuse she experiences impacts her physical and mental health, and she is often traumatized […]

The 2nd Dementia Supporter Training

By Satomi Hiraga, Coordinator On March 29th 2015, Japanese Social Services (JSS) hosted ‘Dementia Caravan’, a dementia seminar, in conjunction with the Toronto New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA). The seminar was held in the Hiroko-Barall Room at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and was attended by 16 participants. This was the second time that JSS […]

Community News

Although Japanese Social Services (JSS) tries its utmost to keep the contents of this website up-to-date, please be advised that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information on this site.

The Spirit of Hospitality

By Yumiko Katuya, Ceramic Artist and Tea Ceremony Instructor My high school had a class on etiquette. The program included tea ceremony for the serving and drinking of Japanese tea. Most of the etiquette taught in the class I had already learned at a wedding facility so they were familiar to me. I used to […]


What is Anti-aging? Oriental Medicine and Medicinal Cooking

By Yuki Minesaki, Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner What is the difference between people in their 30s who worry about their wrinkles, dullness or are experiencing low back pain and knee pain, and people in their 70s who are energetic with healthy radiant skin? Aging happens to every person. Many people connect […]