Counsellor’s Article

Takanori Kuge (Counsellor/Psychotherapist)

What do you think of the phrase “Never give up”? Personally, I don’t like it very much. In fact, I rather dislike it. In this article, I’d like to share my thoughts on “the beauty of giving up.”

Here are some advantages to “giving up”:

  1. Opportunity to find a new goal: By giving up, you can find new goals or interests. You may even discover new possibilities that you previously overlooked. Additionally, if you are unable to achieve your goal, you can take a step back, reevaluate your strategy, and try a different approach.
  2. Self-growth: Failure or giving up allows you to understand yourself better. Sometimes, it takes more courage to give up and face yourself and make difficult decisions than it does to blindly push through without regard for your own well-being. Through self-reflection and analysis, you can promote self-growth. These experiences provide an opportunity for you to objectively view yourself, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and learn from them.
  3. Avoiding unnecessary stress: By giving up on something, you can eliminate the anxiety and stress associated with it. For instance, persisting in a job or pursuing an unachievable goal that doesn’t suit you can result in excessive stress and anxiety, which can affect your mental and physical health. In these cases, giving up can help you avoid these negative effects.
  4. Finding new opportunities: By giving up, you can search for better opportunities that fit your needs. For instance, instead of continuing in a job that doesn’t suit you, you can search for a new job that aligns with your abilities.
  5. Saving time and energy: Giving up on something can help you save time and energy. For instance, forcing yourself to work on a job that doesn’t suit you can waste time and energy. By using that time and energy for something that does suit you, you can live a more fulfilling life.

In conclusion, giving up has many advantages. Of course, giving up is not always the best choice in all situations. There are many instances where it’s desirable to work toward achievable goals. However, keep in mind that the “never give up” mentality can cause you to ignore your limits and put your well-being at risk.