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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm (except 12-1pm and Holidays)
Contact: 416-385-9200 | info@jss.ca

Calling for Online Program Support VolunteersNew!!

Calling for the volunteers who can help coordinating & facilitating our online Yoga program in Japanese, from comfort of your home!

JSS COVID-19 Information Hotline

Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat at 11am-4pm – at the designated phone number (see the page) *Free, limited-time offer

Aug 2021:Craft Club Social

Wed. Aug 18, 10:30~noon: “Finger-knit Eco Scrub & Scrunchie” (in Japanese)

JSS Challenge Report

JSS Challenge Receives Overwhelming Community Support!

Invitation to the JSS Annual General Meeting 2021

Apply and submit proxy online  JSS is inviting you the online Annual General Meeting 2021 via Zoom on Tuesday, August 24th, 2021. Anyone can participate, so take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of JSS’s activities and current situation. Please feel free to spread word to your friends and family.  If you are a JSS […]

Momiji & JSS: e-Learning Series

Registration Open for July 2021 Sessions!

Easy Yoga for Seniors (Online)

4th Term starts in July – 60-min Easy Yoga & 30-min socializing in Japanese

e-Learning: Boosting your Immune System

July 28 (Japanese) / Aug 11 (English)

JSS Services & Programs


Our professional counsellors support clients in navigating life challenges.

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Senior Support Programs

We provide referrals to programs for seniors (65+) and pre-seniors (55+).

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Family Support Programs

Our programs include support groups that provide a place to expand the harmony of mutual assistance, parenting, and support for families that tend to be isolated.

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Domestic Violence

We provide information related to domestic violence.

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Life & Safety Resources

We provide resources related to available services, safety and community information in and around Toronto.

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Online Programs

We offer these courses, seminars, and workshops, which you can participate in online.

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In 2020, we are very grateful to the staff and other volunteers and donors of supplies for their help in providing goods and distributing masks, especially during the pandemic.

The counsellor listened to me and gave me advice on how to improve, which made me feel much better than before. I hope services like this for Japanese people will keep continuing.

I called because I felt it was hard to live. I haven’t been able to smile for months, but at the end of the one-hour counselling session, I was able to laugh and smile a bit. I’ve only used the service once at that time, but it really saved me. Thank you very much!

I live in Montreal and you kindly counselled me over the phone for more than an hour. Thank you very much.

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JSS needs your support

Japanese Social Services is a necessary organization for many people who are suffering from serious problems that they cannot solve on their own. Our operation is made possible by your generous donations, and we would like to ask your general support to keep continue operating our service.