There are many different situations surrounding families. The program is for support groups where people facing common situations can share their concerns, obtain information, and expand the harmony of mutual assistance, as well as childcare support and support for families that tend to be isolated.

Single Mother Support Group

※Due to the impact of COVID-19 switched to online social events and keep providing this service.

This is a support group for single mothers and those who are considering to be single mothers to exchange information and share experiences. It is facilitated by licensed therapists and JSS social worker staff.

Gather once a month. Please contact for more detail and a schedule for sign-up.

(Child care is available if needed: registration required in advance)


This program is made possible through the generous support of Eiko Toyosawa, M.D. (funding), and Ikebata Nursery School.

Kakehashi no Kai (Online)

This is a self-help group for parents of children with developmental and learning disabilities. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where parents can relax and share their experiences such as concerns or happiness with each other.

Please contact for more detail and a schedule for sign-up.

(“Raise Amuro” program, which became an official program of JSS in 2015, ended in January 2021)

Parenting Roundtable (Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program)

※Currently suspended

Support program for parents who have children 0-6 years old offered in collaboration with Toronto Public Health and facilitated by a TPH nurse and a TPH trained and certified facilitator. One of the goals of this official program, which states that “there are no perfect parents and no perfect children,” is to help participants learn from each other, understand the importance of getting help from others when needed, and gain confidence in their parenting style.

Other programs for families