In 2020, we are very grateful to the staff and other volunteers and donors of supplies for their help in providing goods and distributing masks, especially during the pandemic.

Thank you for providing me with a place where I can consult in Japanese. I have lived in Toronto for many years and I am truly grateful that you have been there for us.

I called because I felt it was hard to live. I haven’t been able to smile for months, but at the end of the one-hour counselling session, I was able to laugh and smile a bit. I’ve only used the service once at that time, but it really saved me. Thank you very much!

The counsellor listened to me and gave me advice on how to improve, which made me feel much better than before. I hope services like this for Japanese people will keep continuing.

I live in Montreal and you kindly counselled me over the phone for more than an hour. Thank you very much.

It’s a very good service and I hope more people will use it easily.

For several years, whenever I was in a difficult situation, I received counselling. I am very grateful for the accurate advice and support that they gave and moved me forward. I appreciated the counsels in Japanese.

I received counselling for depressive symptoms from panic attacks, and it really helped me. If I hadn’t experienced this once before, I would have no idea about this pain and why I feel this way. If you are experiencing anxiety, worry, hard breath, or difficulty waking up in the morning, I highly recommend that you seek counseling. I want you to have a bright and worthwhile life in this limited and precious life you have been given. As someone who has used JSS, I heartily recommend it. I wanted to write that you and I are not alone and that you can always overcome.
I would like to express my gratitude to the people of JSS.

Before the consultation, I had an image of counselling as too serious, but the counsellor was very laid back and easy to talk to, but still very professional, which made me feel much better.

I had problems that made me depressed for a long time but after talking with the counsellor, I could see the direction of the solution, and it became clear that I was not wrong. I could move forward with confidence without worrying about troublesome thoughts. Thank you very much.

The counselling service has been a great help to me. The counsellor always listens to me sincerely, laughs, reports my introspection and supports my spiritual growth. Thank you very much.

I would like to see this organization continue to exist in Toronto as it is a place for people turn to when they need help.

I was grateful for your kindness and support. The advice also made me feel lighter.