How to support JSS

You can support JSS with the following methods.

JSS is a registered charitable organization and we will issue tax receipts for donations of over $10. (Charitable registration number: 13338-8710-RR0001)

JSS services needed in Ontario

JSS has served as the community’s safety net for over twenty years, supporting those who experience various barriers and challenges. We fill the gap when the mainstream Canadian support system cannot serve them. Our clients are also often referred by other organisations such as the Japanese Consulate General of Toronto and agencies supporting Japanese students and visitors.

  • JSS has provided services for over 20 years, supporting some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community. We continue to see a strong demand for our services, especially given the current pandemic.
  • JSS has played a unique role as the only charitable organization dedicated to providing social services to the Japanese and Japanese-Canadian communities in Ontario.
  • Despite the recognized need, our resources are increasingly limited, and declining revenue sources in the past few years have led to reduced staff hours and services.
  • Our counselling services and programs for our clients have been run by professionally trained staff and have received a high level of client satisfaction. After the pandemic forced office closures, we have successfully transitioned to the virtual mode of service delivery. These services and programs are the core of what we do.

JSS needs your support

JSS relies on grants from the Japanese government and the City of Toronto, donations from various organizations, as well as the ongoing assistance of supporting members and individual donors. Of the current annual budget of approximately $140,000, the two primary government funders are the City of Toronto (approx. $32,000 annually) and the Japanese Government through the Office of the Consulate General of Japan in Toronto ($41,625 in 2020) account for roughly half of our operating budget. Most of the other half of the revenue is made up of donations from foundations and individual donors. Our fiscal situation is precarious, as most of our sources are on a yearly basis with no long-term commitment. A particular concern is with donor funding that has been on a decline for the last few years, which resulted in a reduction in staff hours and services 2019.

Increasing revenue sources is essential for JSS to continue to exist in the current fiscally challenging environment. Further, we are aware of unmet needs in our community, and a solid and sustainable financial position will allow us to adapt and expand our services to support the most vulnerable.

The donations that we received will be used to fund professional services such as counsellors and social workers, as well as operating expenses for programs.