Japanese Social Services (JSS) values the contribution of volunteers because they enable our agency to deliver quality services in spite of limited staff and funding. Volunteers also help JSS strengthen ties with the community, thereby increasing our visibility and enabling us to reach out to a greater number of people. In turn, JSS hopes volunteers will benefit from the time and energy they give to JSS.

We are looking for…

We are looking for volunteers who can:

  • understand English and/or Japanese
  • give their time on a short-term or long-term basis
  • can come to the JSS or work from home
  • have knowledge or interest in social services or the Japanese Canadian community

Volunteer Opportunities at JSS

Office (weekday)

  • Documenting
  • Data input
  • Translation
  • Reception, Handling telephone inquiries in both English and Japanese
  • Others

Child Care (weekend)

  • Child-minding (as a team)
  • Child-minding Lead

Craft Club

  • Instructing
  • Coordinating
  • Craft making
  • Organizing / Participating the craft sales at the event

Hot Lunch

Once a month, JSS volunteers cook and serve a tasty lunch for approximately 60 Japanese Canadian seniors. The proceeds go towards JSS operating expenses. Volunteers are responsible for planning, organizing, preparing the day before, as well as for cooking and serving the meal.

  • Coordinating
  • Coordinating support
  • Shopping
  • Prepping, cooking, and serving

Living and Safety Information

  • Coordinating
  • Translation (e.g. Legal Information, Health Canada Alert, Police Report, Newspaper articles), Proofreading
  • Editing, Designing and Publishing

Public Relations

  • Compiling Newsletters/Pamphlets

Translation (Pamphlets, Newsletters)

  • Article Writing
  • Translation, Proofreading
  • Editing, Designing
  • Others

Workshop / Seminar Support

JSS has organized many workshops, often together with Momiji Health Care Society and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC). The topics include:

  • Tenant rights
  • Power of Attorney and Will
  • Brain Health
  • Healthy Relationship
  • Raising Sexually Healthy Children
  • Advance Care Planning

Fundraising Activities


Bazaars are a chance for JSS to display information about our services. We also raise money by selling handmade dolls, beaded necklaces and other jewelry. Volunteers are needed to wait on customers, sell handicrafts and explain about JSS.


In this program, our volunteers provide those who might become isolated for some reasons with regular friendly visiting. (*mandatory training before assignment)

Volunteer Appreciation

In order to convey our heartfelt thanks to all the people who generously donate their time and energy to our organization, contributed volunteers are invited to JSS’s yearly Volunteer Appreciation Party. The volunteers who provided significant contributions receive the volunteer award. Thank you!

Volunteer Inquiry

If you are interested in volunteering with JSS, please read the description above and fill out the inquiry form below. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up your volunteer orientation session for you to officially register as a JSS volunteer.

What kind of volunteers are you interested in? *

  • This form is to inquire your interest in volunteering at JSS, not to register.
  • If you have not received a response yet few weeks after your submission, please call the JSS office at 416-385-9200. Thank you for your patience.
  • Due to the amount of inquiries we receive, please understand that sometimes we may not be able to reply to the ones with short-term or requests with out-of-business-time volunteering. We really appreciate your interest.

For Current JSS Volunteers

Thank you so much for donating your time, energy and passion to our cause! 

As you learned at our volunteer orientation, the JSS volunteers are required to report your volunteer activity record. Due to pandemic, we are no longer using the paper-based report. Please access the report form from below link and submit your activity record. If you have any question on how to fill, feel free to contact the JSS Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@jss.ca).