Case study 1:

  • Main complaint – experiencing severe domestic violence from her husband
  • Clients – a Japanese woman (Permanent Resident of Canada) with a child

Individual Counselling for the mother
–       To help the client calm down to ensure the safety of her and her child,
–       To help the client have a clear idea and understanding of the current situation that she and her child are in since many victims of DV are under mind control of their abusers – “You cannot live without me,” “you won’t be able to see your child if you leave me” and etc.
–       To help the client see the possible options as clear as possible, so that the client can pick the best available option,
–       To help the client enhance her lowered self-esteem due to DV
Individual Counselling for the child
–       If the child experienced abuse or was emotionally hurt by witnessing the violence between her/his parents, JSS would provide counselling for the child, as well, especially when the child’s most fluent language is Japanese. Although there are several counselling agencies specifically meant for the children who experienced abuse, in reality most of them have waiting lists that are several months long. For this reason, JSS often provides counselling for the children whose strongest language is English.
Family Counselling for the mother and the child
–       In cases where the relationship between the mother and the child was negatively affected by DV, JSS would provide family counselling for the mother and the child to reduce the negative impact from the abuse and to enhance a healthier relationship between them.
Social Work:
Below is a list of outside agencies, with which JSS would communicate and work with in collaboration according to the client’s decisions.
–       Hospital (in case the client and/or her child is physically hurt)
–       Police (in case the client wants to report her experiences regarding DV to the police or in case the child was also abused by her/his father.)
–       Children’s Aid Society (in case the child was also abused by her/his father.)
–       Family Shelter (in case the client wants to urgently escape from her abusive husband with her child.)
–       Family Lawyer (in case the client wants to separation and/or divorce.)
–       Legal Aid (in case the client cannot afford a lawyer on her own.)
–       Ontario Works (in case the client cannot afford basic needs.)