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Momiji & JSS Present:

2021 Oct-Nov Sessions – Open for Registration!!

(Missed sessions? Scroll down to watch the recorded version!)

Not having much opportunity to meet people due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Join us to learn variety of skills and knowledge from cooking to health!

Momiji Health Care Society and Japanese Social Services provide online e-Learning sessions via “Zoom”, an online meeting platform. We have a variety of guest speakers supporting this program and sharing what they know, what they do often, and what they are expert about. It could be their hobbies, things to fill some of their days, spices they can add to their everyday lives.

How to Attend

Go to each session page (by clicking each link), click the registration button, and fill the registration form then click “Submit”. Feel free to contact us if you have difficulty accessing or filling the form.

  • The registration form often uses the same language with the session language (the Japanese form for the session offered in Japanese). Follow the instruction on the session page.
  • Registration deadline: 2 days before the session day (e.g. July 13 for the July 15 session)
  • Confirmation : The registration receipt will be sent after submitting the form (for this reason, make sure to type your email address accurate). Check the junk box if you don’t find it in your inbox.
  • Zoom URL: You will receive the invitation email that contains the Zoom meeting URL, ID and password by email a day before the session, which are not shareable to others.
  • There will be a session to learn about some of the Zoom functions you can use during the seminar (e.g. Swapping the slide and the instructor’s window). Please indicate on your registration form if you would like to join it, and come to the Zoom room at the time specified in your invitation (10-15 min before the seminar starting time).
  • Have your Zoom name to be recognizable to the host as a registered participant (e.g. Hanako Y, Y. Yamada, Hanako Yamada). Avoid using just initial(s), nickname, device name or such – the host may not be able to allow you to join for security purpose.

**First time trying Zoom? Contact Keiko (Momiji) as soon as possible, to book one-to-one practice session and download support. We are not an IT expert, but we will do our best to help you attending our sessions!


  • Japanese Social Services(Chie):416-385-9200 /
  • Momiji Health Care Society(Melanie):416-261-6683 x.249 /

Upcoming Sessions


  1. We normally have these e-Learning sessions on Wednesdays afternoon. However, the schedule is subject to change. Double check the schedule of what you are registering.
  2. Double check with the language and schedule of the session you are interested in. There may be the same titles with Japanese-only. Best to register from specific language page of your choice – from the English page if you intend to attend to the English session (click the language button at the upper right to change the language of the page, if needed).
  3. The sessions may be recorded; however, publishing version will not include the faces, names, voices and chat records of the attendees.

Sessions: Open for Registration

To attend below session(s), RSVP by 2-days before each session day (e.g. Mon for Wed session).

October Sessions

*No session on the second Wednesday on Oct 2021.

*Oct 27 “Protect Yourself from Frauds” – Cancelled & Postponed to 2022

Oct 28 (T): “Support your Senior Friend” (Japanese) 6:30pm *Presented by JSS & NJCC

November Session

Nov 10 (W): “Dementia 101 ~ Alzheimer’s Disease & other types of dementia” (English with Japanese Interpretation) 3-4:30pm

Nov 24 (W): “Cooking with Japanese Chef: Datemaki & Dashimaki Tamago” (Japanese) 3-4pm

Sessions: Not yet Open for Registration

**No sessions for Dec 2021. Stay tuned for the 2022 schedule!

Past Sessions

Year 2021

Sep 22 (W): Introduction to Advance Care Planning (English with Japanese Interpretation)

Aug 28 (Sat): COVID-19 Vaccination & Life After (Japanese)

Aug 25 (W): Cooking with Japanese Chef: Saba Miso-ni, miso-simmered mackerel (Japanese)

Aug 11 (W): Boosting your Immune System (English)

July 28 (W): Boosting your Immune System (Japanese)

July 14 (W): Senior’s Physical & emotional Wellness (English with Japanese description)

Jun 23 (W): Introduction to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)   (English with Japanese interpretation)

Jun 18 (F): Seniors Safety with Toronto Police ~ Personal Safety (English with Japanese Interpretation)

Jun 9 (W): Introduction to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)   (English)

May 26 (W): POA & Will Seminar (Japanese) **Includes the amendments to the Estate Law

May 21 (F): Seniors Safety with Toronto Police ~ Fraud & Scams (English with Japanese Interpretation)

May 12 (W): Positive Ageing (5) ~ What does it mean to age well? Chinese Perspectives (English)

April 28 (W): Easy & Yummy, Let’s cook “Oyaki”! (Japanese)

April 16: Seniors Safety with Toronto Police ~ Distraction Theft (English with Japanese Interpretation)

April 14: Positive Ageing ~ Secret to Live Longer and Better ~ in Korean Culture (English)

March 31: Myth & Fact: COVID-19 Vaccine (English with Japanese interpretation)

March 10: Positive Ageing (3) ~ Learning from Japanese Canadian Seniors (English)

February 24: Supporting a Senior Friend (Japanese)

February 10: New Year Celebrations among Different Culture (English)

January 27: Learn about Anxiety (Japanese)

January 13: End of Life Preparation ~ Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning (English with Japanese summarized translation)

Year 2020
November 22: Adult Immunization (Japanese)

November 8: Powers of Attorney & Will – Q&A Session for the Sep 23 seminar contents (Japanese)

October 28 : Housing / Personal-Care Choices for Seniors (Japanese)

September 23:Powers of Attorney & Will(Japanese)

September 9:Learn about Depression(Japanese)

August 26:Natto Making(Japanese)

August 26:Miso & Shio Kouji(English)

August 12:Immunization for Adults and Older Adults(Japanese)

August 5:COVID-19 & Mask  (English)

July 22:Woodblock Print Artist – Naoko Matsubara(Japanese)

July 15:COVID-19 & Mask(Japanese)

June 24:Making Miso & Tomato Kouji(Japanese)

June 17:Making Kouji & Shio Kouji(Japanese)

Wanted: Topic Ideas, Guest Speakers

Do you have any topic you would like to learn from this program, or any skills/knowledge you can share with others (in English/Japanese/both)?
It is totally okay if you feel your skill/knowledge is not the level of “professional” (professionals are welcome too!). Our purpose to offer this program is for everyone, including those who are trying to stay home to protect themselves and/or others, to learn something they can do at home, to be cheered by seeing their peers enjoying life.  Even though the attendees may not choose to try what they learn from this program, that’d still provide good opportunity to fill their day, interact with others through certain topics, and feel some enjoyment, are great for one’s mental health.
Let us know if you are interested to be our guest speaker. Though our services target individuals with Japanese background, it would be interesting and fun to learn anything related to our day to day lives!


Hosted by: Momiji Health Care Society, Japanese Social Services(JSS)
Supported by: Halton Japanese Seniors Lunch Group, JAMSNET Canada, Family Talks Forum (FTF), etc.

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