Cooking with Japanese Chef:Datemaki & Dashimaki Tamago

Momiji / JSS Present
Wed. Nov 24, 2021(in Japanese)3~4 pm

For the second online seminar (via Zoom) of November and the last session of the year 2021 is about two types of Japanese traditional egg cuisine. No need of special tools or hard-to-acquire ingredients ! Let’s learn this recipe to add to your holiday & Oshogatsu menu!

What is this session about?

Thanksgiving and Halloween, then what comes next for you? Each individual/family celebrate its own traditional holiday such as Christmas or Hanukkah. That is one thing; many of us Japanese immigrants from Japan also think (even dream) of New Year feast – Osechi.

Japanese transitional cuisine that uses eggs gives very cheerful colour and fluffy looking to your table. But you might be worried if you can actually acquire special ingredients traditionally used to make Datemaki (hanpen or yamaimo), tools (rectangle pan), or if the smell is too fishy for your family or guests. Well no more of those worries! Japanese Chef Toshi will teach you amazing “Datemaki” and “Dashimaki-Tamago” that do not require any of these ingredients and tool.

Let’s learn together with Toshi again, and consider adding this menu to your holiday feast!

「Fuwa-Toro Datemaki」

No need of Hanpen & Yamaimo – still fluffy and moist!

  • Use of maple syrup instead of mirin – moist!
  • Adding merengue – smooth & fluffy texture!

*What is Datemaki? Read here (from Japanese Wiki Corpus)

*”fuwa fuwa” = fluffiness / “toro toro” = syrupiness

「Juicy Dashimaki Tamago made with Flying Pan」

No worries if you don’t have a square/rectangle flying pan special to make Tamagoyaki. Use your every-day flying pan!

*What is Dashimaki Tamago? Read here “Tamagoyaki” – one of its type (from Wikipedia)

※Held in Japanese only (Non Japanese-speakers are also welcome to join and observe)

About our Guest Speaker

Professional Japanese Chef:  Toshiyuki Ijichi (

Click here for downloading his full bio with photo (in Japanese)

Born in Nagoya, 1973, and moved to Toronto as a working holiday visa holder, after working in IT industry in Japan. During his stay in Toronto, working at a Japanese restaurant inspired him to set a goal as a professional Japanese chef. After this experience, trained and licensed in Japan as a professional chef that also allows him to cook blowfish (fugu). To share his knowledge to spread love to Japanese cuisine, he immigrated to Canada in 2009 and started working as a professional chef in a Japanese restaurant.

He has been actively promoting his vision by utilizing his hobby/skill of Ikebana (with the license of an associate professor of Ogasawara-school Ikebana), decorating his restaurant with his Ikebana works, or featured in TV shows in Toronto, aside from his work as a professional chef in a restaurant. He is one of the opening staff as a head chef of the Japanese restaurant Shoushin (匠心), and has served various celebrities like singers, actors and athletes. With his professional service continued to be offered in that location, he also started new endeavor as a YouTuber in fall 2020. His visions continue to be flourished – he constantly shares the recipe videos and collaborates with various individuals and groups for online food events.

How to attend?

Anyone interested can attend but pre-registration required: Click the registration button below, and fill and submit it by two days before the session (Monday). If you have difficulty using online registration system, feel free to contact the hosting agency (see below).

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This is an online session, using “Zoom” the online meeting platform. Those who registered, will receive an invitation email with the Zoom link, by a day before the session date from Momiji (Check your junk box if you can’t find it in your inbox, and email us if you don’t see anywhere).


1. Zoom invitation a day before

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Zoom – First Time?

If this is the first time you are trying out Zoom, we are more than happy to help you out with downloading and using Zoom, while connecting with you via phone. Please contact Keiko as soon as possible, to book your practice session. *Availability may be limited depending on the number of requests.

There will be a 10-min Zoom brief description right before the session, to learn about the tools you can use during our seminar. he functions you will learn here are: Control bar, Raise Hand and Chat. If you would like to attend it, please indicate so in your registration form. *If no one requests, there will be no mini-lecture provided on that day.

Calling for Guest Speakers!!

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