e-Learning:Supporting Senior Friend


Presented by Momiji & JSS

1-hour online session (Zoom) each to learn about Depression, will be co-provided by Momiji Health Care Society and Japanese Social Services (JSS), on Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021, 2 – 3 pm. *Held only in Japanese

What is this session about?

You may be supporting or planning to support your senior friend or neighbour. When you are not a family member to them, there are specific limitations and things you may want to know and consider about. The registered social workers from Momiji and JSS will explore about this topic.
Keiko Hoshi, MSW, RSW (Momiji Health Care Society)
Chie Takano Reeves, RSW (Japanese Social Services)
*Held only in Japanese 
*This is not for a professional care service provider.

How to attend?

This is an online session, using “Zoom” the online meeting platform.
Pre-registration required: Go to the Japanese page of this session by clicking the upper-right corner of this website, and register from there by Monday, Feb 22, 2021.


1. No confirmation email: Zoom invitation a day before
Due to our registration system, you will not receive a confirmation email right away after you “Submit” your form. If you see “Your response has been recorded” on your browser after your submission, your registration is successful. Contact Momiji or JSS if you are worried, instead of submitting the form multiple times. Leave a note at the comment box of the form if you re-submit with any other reasons, such as your previous one has a wrong information.
2. Use the Zoom name that is recognizable to the host
Upon joining, please display your name on Zoom in ways we recognize that you registered. For example, instead of using nickname or initials, include your first and/or last (e.g. Hanako Y, H. Yamada, Hanako Yamada) . We may not be able to allow you to enter for security purpose if we can’t recognize your name.


  • Momiji Health Care Society (Keiko): 416-261-6683 x.249 / ciw@momiji.on.ca
  • Japanese Social Services (Chie): 416-385-9200 / programs@jss.ca

Zoom – First Time?

If this is the first time you are trying out Zoom, we are more than happy to help you out with downloading and using Zoom, while connecting with you via phone. Please contact Keiko as soon as possible, to book your practice session. *Availability may be limited depending on the number of request.

Want to be a guest speaker?

Momiji and JSS are looking for a potential guest speaker for this eLearning series, who can share what they do daily, hobby, etc. in Japanese and English.
Contact us if you are interested in!

This eLearning series is: