JSS report

Michelle Chibba
The JSS Board of Directors had another busy year working with staff to ensure our organization continues to serve our community’s needs.
Financial Stability 
We continue to keep the financial viability of JSS a priority. The board’s approach is to strictly manage expenditures and continue to keep on top of fundraising and meeting with existing and potential donors.
Strategic Planning 
The strategic planning that we undertook in 2018 with expertise from Endeavour helps to keep the Board focussed on priorities. We completed our review of counselling fees and are ready to implement an updated fee structure that we believe will help to maintain access to needed services. We also reissued our feedback survey so that we continue to take the pulse of the JSS community who we serve on an ongoing basis. These were recommendations flagged by our 2018 strategic planning exercise.
Board Membership Recruitment
Finally, we are recruiting new board members with a passion to serve the Japanese Canadian community. Non-profits like JSS need board members with a variety of skills to achieve the organization’s goals. Whatever your professional background, serving as a board member can develop your soft skills and help you learn new ones. You will learn valuable leadership skills and be able to contribute directly to the strategic development of programs and services offered by JSS.
Please contact David Ikeda or any of the current Board Members at info@jss,ca if you are interested or have questions.