By David Ikeda
I have a special request for all of you out there who are interested in the work we do here at JSS.  Our program chairperson, Mr. Dembo, told me that participation is at an all time high.  JSS had over 3200 participants in such diverse programs as Caravan Mates Training, Hot Lunch for seniors, Canadian Conversational English and others for all of 2013.  This is a very very high number considering most if not all of the programs are conducted in Japanese only.  As I said the number shows a very healthy interest and level of community participation in JSS.
The problem is that our membership numbers are very low.  This is a problem for us when we apply for grants and make various submissions to NGO’s and government organizations which like to see a healthy membership.
If you could please consider joining our organization as a member, the annual fee is quite reasonable and your contribution will help us continue to provide the community with such excellent service.  You will receive mailings and updates on our activities as well as be able to vote at our AGM.  Program participants are our friends but we need more members to grow our family.  Thanks for your consideration.