By Junko Yamamotomedalists
On October 19th(Sunday), the Waterfront Marathon sponsored by the Bank of Nova Scotia was held in downtown Toronto. More than 20,000 participants from across Canada participated in running the full marathon (42km) and the half marathon (21km) courses.
Included in the event were JSS’s counsellers Mr. Takanori Kuge and Mrs. Junko Mifune. Mr. Kuge ran the full marathon of 42km and Ms. Mifune ran the half marathon. To our pleasant surprise, our Board of Director’s President Mr. David Ikeda showed hi
s interest in taking part in the half marathon.
As you can see in the picture, three very proud runners are showing off their medals which confirmed that they completed their courses.
The marathon is JSS’s new fundraising event, and despite the limited amount of preparation time, we collected $5,815.00 as of October 31st. We are most grateful to all the sponsors and other persons who made this event so successful.