REPORT ON EVENT: Longtime Board Member Tokugi Suyama honoured by JCCC

Longtime JSS Board Member Tokugi Suyama honoured by JCCC

Tokugi Suyama

Images courtesy of David Ohashi

Longtime board member and former counselling supervisor, Tokugi Suyama was honoured by the JCCC with the Ishizue Award.  Both he and his deceased brother Kunio were given the honour on April 18, 2019, along with 5 other individuals who have made “exceptional contributions to the JCCC.”  Also honoured was longtime supporter of JSS and Tokugi’s great friend Mits Ito.
All were honoured with a banquet dinner and were joined by almost 200 supporters, guests and family members, as well as board members and staff of JSS.  The Ishizue Award Gala has been held five times over the past several years and is held in honour of the 75 families who guaranteed the mortgage for the building of the original JCCC in the early 1960s. On behalf of all of us in the Japanese Social Service family, we congratulate Tokugi on receiving this prestigious honour.