December 2022/January 2023:Craft Club Social

Sessions will be held online (no in-person option)

Dec 7 (Wednesday): Sewing Lover Seminar!

Instructor (volunteer): Annu Johnson
Two pieces of sewing work from your leftover material!
①~Earphone/Cord Holder~
A fun and refreshing sewing activity about making various shapes for different purposes.
Even if it just by hands, it is nothing hard but only attaching snap buttons!

②Room Fragrance Tetrapod
Cute Christmas tree ornament.
With such a small size, you can hang it on the rear-view mirror in your car and enjoy it with your favourite smell.


Dec 21 (Wednesday): Knitting Lover Seminar!

Instructor (volunteer): Kaneko Nakahara
Let’s enjoy Christmas goods knitting and New Year’s decorations!
Why not we make some Santa’s boots, Christmas wreaths & ornaments, and New Year’s decorations such as Kagamimochi (mirror-shaped rice cakes) and rabbits for the Chinese zodiac?
Even if it is slightly misshapen, your handmade would be the warmest gift to your family and friends.


Jan 4, 2023(Wednesday): Sewing Lover Seminar!

Instructor (volunteer): Annu Johnson
The first craft of the year is a little elegant that improves your teatime.
“A three-dimensional small leaf coaster!”
Ordinary square and round coasters are fine, but why don’t we change the mood to a three-dimensional leaf coaster?
It might make you feel warm and cozy in the cold winter.


Jan 18, 2023 (Wednesday): Knitting Lover Seminar!

Instructor (volunteer): Kaneko Nakahara
So, for whom shall we knit our first art of the New Year?
“Let’s knit some winter accessories!”
Why not make something for yourself or your family with your own hands such as hats, scarves, leg warmers, etc.?
The best part of knitting is that even first-timers can complete it with relative ease.
Even if the design is the same, it will never be the same with different knitting hands.
Let’s create the one and only knitted work of art in the world this year.






Kaneko’s Haiku this month

小春日の雲を孕みし湖の凪ぎ  かね子


How to Join

RSVP to our Craft Club coordinator by email( please indicate which session you would like to attend. The coordinator will send the Zoom link by a day before the session day.

You will also receive information about the craftwork for what you registered to (in Japanese). That means you can start working on it even before the session day! During the session, you can sew/knit together with fellow Japanese-speaking craft lovers, share your work with them, and enjoy chatting (the topic can be anything, not limited to arts & crafts).



Only for your first time attending, pre-registration via the Online Registration Form is required, for you to read and agree to our online program rules. Please also send an email to the Craft Club Coordinator (, indicating the session you would like to attend.