July 2022:Craft Club Social

July 6th (1st Wed) 10:30~12:00: Sewing Club

Key cover (Point Card cover)

It will be held as an In-Person/Virtual Hybrid

Admission free, Material fee $1 for fabric / $2 for Chirimen fabric if necessary.
If you are attending in person, please bring the materials or let us know
that you are buying fabrics in advance.

To keep any small point cards in place, you can put them in a key ring,
and put the cute cover on.
You will no longer have to worry about point cards scattered around in your bag!
A simple design is recommended for beginners.
If you are an advanced sewer, you can create your own patch work!

Instructor (volunteer): Akemi Kakinoki



July 20th (3rd Wed) 10:30~12:00: Knitting Club

Chair leg covers

Instructor (volunteer): Kaneko Nakahara

It will be held online (no in-person option)

You can use several left over yarn to create colourful socks!
This is a great design for beginners and
for those who are advanced… try creating animal/doll shaped socks?


Kaneko’s Haiku this month

夕暮れの薪にまたがりキャンプの火   かね子

(ゆうぐれの まきにまたがり キャンプのひ)

Have any comments/questions on her haiku?
Please reach an instructor at our session.


How to Join

RSVP to our Craft Club coordinator by email(craftclub@jss.ca)- please indicate which session you would like to attend. The coordinator will send the Zoom link by a day before the session day.

You will also receive information about the craftwork for what you registered to (in Japanese). That means you can start working on it even before the session day! During the session, you can sew/knit together with fellow Japanese-speaking craft lovers, share your work with them, and enjoy chatting (the topic can be anything, not limited to arts & crafts).



Only for your first time attending the in-person program, please submit the “JSS Craft Club In-Person Program Registration Form” in advance to ensure that you understand and agree to the rules for participation in the in-person program.  After confirming your registration, we will send you the “COVID-19 Self-assessment tool”. Participants must complete the self-assessment on the day of their visit before accessing the facility. If you answer “YES” to any of the questions in the questionnaire, please refrain from participating in in-person and participate online instead. We appreciate your understanding.



Only for your first time attending, pre-registration via the Online Registration Form is required, for you to read and agree to our online program rules. Please also send an email to the Craft Club Coordinator (craftclub@jss.ca), indicating the session you would like to attend.