Ehou-maki sushi Fundraiser for JSS

Ehou-maki Fundraiser: Ikebata Nursery School

~ Eat yummy Ehou-maki and Support JSS!! ~

Ikebata Nursery School, again this year, will be donating to JSS a part of the profit from the sales of Ehou-maki (or eho-maki), a seasonal maki-sushi on Setsubun day.
“Ehomaki (恵方巻, “lucky direction roll”) is a roll composed of seven ingredients considered to be lucky. Ehomaki are often eaten on setsubun in Japan. […] People usually eat the ehomaki while facing the direction considered to be auspicious that year.” (Wikipedia)
The menu and description of the ingredients are below. The sushi will be made by a local catering company.
Please use the order form (download PDF from here), and directly order and pay (cash only) at Ikebata Nursery School by Wed, Jan 30, 2019. Contact the nursery if you have any questions.
Let’s support JSS and be happy by eating yummy Ehou-maki!
Ikebata Nursery School is located at Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), 6 Garamond Court, Toronto.  Tel: 416-510-1441