[Notice] We open ‘Natsu-Matsuri’ booth: calling for Volunteers!

We’re excited to announce the big event by JCCC, which is JCCC’s Natsu-Matsuri (summer festival) coming up this summer. We, Japanese Social Services, are going to set up a fundraising food booth at JCCC’s Natsu-Matsuri again this year.
This year we cook & sell Okonomi-yaki, Yaki-onigiri, and Tako-yaki on Saturday, July 8th. We will start selling from 2 pm.
We are also calling for the volunteers to help us on that day. The details of volunteer jobs are following. We welcome high-schoolers for their volunteer credit, and people who are not registered as a JSS volunteer (will need to register by the end of the event). Please invite your friends to volunteer together and let’s make special memories for this summer.

Date: Saturday, July 8th
Please contact Chie at chie.takanoreeves@jss.ca / 416-385-9200 to sign up – with your availability on that day – what time you come and how long you are able to help us during 9:30 am and 9 pm. Those who can help us more than 3 hours will receive some light meal (Onigiri).
Food booth will open from 2 pm.

Venue: Japanese Canadian Culture Centre (JCCC), 6 Garamond Ct, Don Mills, ON M3C 1Z5

Details: Preparations for some items and cooking, Dish washing, Cooking assist, Selling food tickets, Exchange food for tickets, Booth setup and so on.
*If you want to join cooking Takoyaki, the team starts from 1:30  pm to the end.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you all.

Many thanks.