JSS BOARD OF DIRECTORS: A snapshot of what’s on our agenda

JSS BOARD OF DIRECTORS: A snapshot of what’s on our agenda

Workplace Values
The Board approved the JSS Workplace Values put forward by the Executive Committee and the printed sign that will go up in the office.  Thanks to Anthony Liliefeldt, a long time supporter of JSS and design expert, for designing the sign for us!
Workplace Values Poster
Scent Awareness 
The Board was asked to deliberate on the issue of a scent awareness policy.  According to the Canada Safety Council, chemicals used in fragrances can cause health problems such as shortness of breath, headaches and migraines, nausea, muscle pain, and cold-like symptoms. Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and allergies can all be adversely affected by the chemicals found in scented products. According to the Lung Association, one study found that 72 per cent of people with asthma had adverse reactions to perfumes. To follow workplace best practices, JSS will become a scent-aware office and signs will be posted.  Again, thanks to Anthony Liliefeldt for designing the sign for us! We also appreciate your consideration as a visitor to the JSS office.
Scent Awareness Poster

JSS was successful in its Community Service Partnerships (CSP) funding application. This funding helps to support the programs run by JSS and is extremely valuable. In the meantime, staff and Board members have been attending the governance and accountability awareness workshops put on by the City in partnership with the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).

Financial Tracking and Reporting
The Board was successful in its application to Management Advisory Services (MAS) for pro-bono professional services to help JSS update its financial tracking and reporting software program. We have an expert in accounting software meeting with the Board and staff to review and make recommendations for improvements.

Strategic Planning 
The Board continues to be guided by the contribution that the Endeavour consultation made to JSS’ strategic plan. We continue to use it as our roadmap to make sure that we focus our resources on these priorities. The Board will revisit and update the strategic plan after the annual general meeting.

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