Board Members
The Board regrets that Anthony Liliefeldt and Michi Chun are no longer able to serve as board members due to other personal and professional obligations. We are grateful for the valuable contributions they made as board members and their continued commitment to supporting JSS in other capacities. 
The Board is delighted to welcome two new members: Yuka Sato-Atiyota and Yuko Surano. They are both strong supporters of JSS and bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of social work. 

Yuka Sato-Atiyota 
My name is Yuka Sato-Atiyota. I am one of the newest addition to the JSS Board of Directors. Previously, I have served as one of the clinical supervisors for the organization for the last several  years. It was a dynamic and rewarding role and really enjoyed it. However, I feel am ready to take on a new challenge now and jump into the world of governance. I am very excited to this opportunity to lean about, contribute to, and grow with the very organization that nurtured many us for a long time.
I am a registered social worker with Master’s degree from University of Toronto, I worked extensively in community and hospital health care setting as a front line social worker since 2002. I currently work as a community care coordinator at Central West LHIN. In my personal life, I am a mother of 2 teenage sons – love watching them in their soccer and kendo matches and try to enjoy helping them with their Japanese school homework. I look forward to meeting with all of you and collaborating in supporting JSS operation in different ways in the coming year!
Yuko Sorano
Since arriving in Toronto in 2006, Yuko Sorano has worked primarily in the education sector, including five years at Alexandra Park Neighbourhood Learning Centre, a non-profit adult literacy program. She was also formerly Coordinator for CERIS, a network of partners for immigration and settlement research, and a Board member at St Stephen’s Community House. Yuko currently works at York University in the area of graduate student research support.
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