Staffing updates

It is with a mixed feeling to announce that our long-time staff member, Katz Fukuda, left JSS at the end of June to pursue an opportunity outside the organisation. Katz has been an important member of the JSS family since 2014, handling all back-office administration including accounting, finance and general office support, and building a foudation for JSS to continue its work. The JSS team wishes him all the best with his continuing success in the future endeavours. Thank you Katz-san! 


And we have welcomed a new staff member, Noda Ai, to succeed Katz as the new Coordinator – Finance and Administration. Ai comes to JSS with over 10 years of experience in accounting, taxation and finance having worked in small and large coorporation in Japan and Canada. We are certain that Ai will build on her diverse experience to meet new hallenges at JSS and play a key role in managing the back-end administration of JSS to support our operations. Wecome Ai san!