COVID-19:Other Resources

The situation and recommendations around COVID-19 can change very frequently, sometimes within one day. We try our best to provide updated information, however, we appreciate your understanding towards our limited capacity. Please let our Community Outreach Worker ( know if you find certain information on this section is outdated.

COVID-19:Other Resources
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(1) COVID-19 Financial Support and Services

  1. Government of Canada: Economic Support Plan(individuals & families, workers & unemployment, students, employers), Passport Services, SIN
  2. Government of Ontario: Financial support(family, emergency, low-income, OSAP, GAINS), Utility Support, News Release
  3. City of Toronto: Renters, Utility Support, Tax and other financing, Business Support

(2) Taking Care of Mental Health

  1. Mental Health (general)
    1. Coping with stress and anxiety
    2. Quarantine and Isolation
    3. Crisis Text Line
    4. Toronto Distress Centre
    5. Assaulted Women’s Helpline
  2. Children’s Mental Health
    1. How can we talk to kids about COVID-19?(Canadian Paediatric Society)
    2. Talking to your anxious child about COVID-19 (Canadian Mental Health Association)
    3. COVID-19 Resources for children
    4. Children can also contact by themselves
    5. For Kids: How can I cope with my feelings about the future?
  3. Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
    1. Resources for Parents
    2. Supporting individuals with Autism through uncertain times

(3)  Stay healthy at home during Physical Distancing

  1. Activities at home
  2. Tips to work from home
  3. Use of Delivery Services
  4. If you have difficulty getting groceries
  5. Support for seniors (e.g. stores offering senior hours, food hamper delivery, grocery purchase support)

(4) COVID-19: Updates on the law and legal services (Community Legal Education Ontario)
e.g. Employment and work, Family Law, Housing Law, Immigration and Refugee, Tribunals and Courts.

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