With access to the right information and supports, many problems can be resolved or even avoided entirely. Through the programs, groups and projects listed below, JSS hopes to encourage supportive relationships among community members and increase access to information in Japanese.

Craft Club

Won’t you join our Craft Club in making various handicraft items? These are fun to make and practical, as well. You will be able to make friends with people from different backgrounds, too.

Holiday Drive

An annual year-end event where JSS collects items from members of the community which is then shared with those who have fallen on hard times. Volunteers deliver the gifts.

Hot Lunch

JSS serves lunches to members of Wynford Seniors, a group that meets regularly at JCCC. With the help of volunteers, warm lunches seasoned in the Japanese manner are served for their enjoyment on the third Wednesday of each month. Through the sale of these lunches, income is generated for use as part of our operating funds.


In this program, our volunteers provide those who might become isolated for some reasons with friendly visiting.

Nobody’s Perfect

Meetings are held to educate parents who have children between the age of 1 and 6, on how to raise their children.

Raising Amuro Kids

A support program for parents who are raising child(ren) with developmental difficulties.

Single Mother’s Support Group

Group members have opportunities to share their stories, gain emotional support, learn survival tips, systems and law, networking and making friends, and support each other.

Translation Project

Volunteers translate public information that are relevant to JSS clientele.

Wakagaeri Club

Monthly gatherings for ages 55+. The sessions includes singing, story sharing and haiku.

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