COVID-19: Stay Healthy at Home during Physical Distancing

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1.  Activities at Home

**According to Government of Canada, you can go for a walk if you:

  • have not been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • do not have symptoms of COVID-19
  • have not travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
  • are not in quarantine/self-isolating
  • do not congregate and always practice physical distancing (at least 2 metres a part from others at all times)

2.  Tips to work from home

from “Working from home for the first time? Here’s how to make it a success.” (CBC News, Mar 20, 2020)
Read the full article from above link for details on each point.

  • Maintain your routine
  • Create a work space
  • Manage the kids (and discuss with your boss about the situation and limitation)
  • Take charge
  • Avoid isolation
  • Overcome a tight space
  • Finally, don’t overwork

3.  Use of Delivery Services

3-a. Grocery Delivery

3-b. Meal Delivery

Some points from the National Post (Mar 20) article above:

    • Ordering take-out or delivery is to support restaurants during this difficult time.
    • Check the government recommendations first and follow them. If the government says OK, then it is OK.
    • Avoid direct interaction (e.g. cash transaction / tipping) with the delivery person to protect both sides. Choose “contactless delivery” option (leaving at the door) where it is possible.
    • Be mindful that the delivery person is one of the frontline workers during this difficult time, many of whom with precarious employment status.

4.  If you have difficulty getting groceries

Our page, support for seniors, includes information such as the stores offering senior special hours, food hamper delivery, grocery purchase/delivery services for low-income housing residents.

4-a.  Food Banks
You can search your local Food Bank service providers from 211 webpage ; most of the services have eligibility criteria such as income.
During this pandemic, some agencies may not accept new application. We recommend you to ask any other services that are still available in your area if the agency can’t accept you.

4-b. Toronto Library Food Banks
Toronto Library Food Banks
Due to reopening part of the library service, their Food bank service was mostly terminated by June 5. To learn the remaining location and register, call the referral line (416-635-7771) of North York Harvest Food Bank.

4-c.  Free Food Basket: Building Roots – Moss Park Market

Free food baskets for pick-up or delivery for those living in the Moss Park neighbourhood. Pick up – 11 am – 4 pm on Saturdays at 60 Queen Street East, or contact for delivery arrangement.

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