Counsellor’s Corner: Domestic Violence

By Yuka Sato, Clinical Supervisor & Junko Mifune, Counsellor. When a couple faces prolonged conflicts, or when they are not able to understand each other’s concerns or needs, actively engaging with these issues by having open dialogue or utilizing couples or marriage counselling are important steps the couple can take to improve the situation. However, […]

Social Work and I

By Jean Peasah, Former JSS Counsellor Being born in the 1930s, I find that what most people would regard as history, remain very current and active in my mind. When the media, for example, comments that it is now 70 years since the end of the Second World War, my initial reaction is to be […]

Impact of Domestic Violence (DV) on Children

By Junko Mifune, JSS Counsellor To follow up on my previous article, I would like to write about the impact of DV on children. As noted in my previous article, in homes where DV occurs, the victim is a mother, the abuse she experiences impacts her physical and mental health, and she is often traumatized […]